Genesis Lorraine

Genesis Lorraine is a diva-songbird proudly hailing from Central Pennsylvania. A trained mezzo-soprano with a heart made for Broadway and a past made for Rock and Roll, she has brought an eclectic style to stages in up and down the East Coast as well as NoCal. She has also made several appearances abroad on stages in South Africa, Malaysia, and Canada. 

In addition to her lifelong commitment to performance and the stage, Genesis is devoted to paying the magic forward to her piano and voice students in her studio, 'Lessons in the Key of G.' 

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Hippies Annual

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Sandy Valley Campground, 19 Valley Road, White Haven, PA 18661

Hey folks. Here at Hippie's Annual, we are all gearing up for this years celebration. We have been working hard to make things even better than last year. This year we will be featuring a few new amenities as well as more of the craft vendors you love. Check out our line-up, we think that it's going to be the best year yet. So many incredible performers playing the longest sets. These show are guaranteed to blow your mind away.