CD Reviews!

"I was lucky enough to pick up an early copy of this album, and it is a great addition to my library. This band has a nice jazzy, bluesyness, that more than a couple times, had me singing along in the car. (Though my chords are no match for her siren voice.) Bill really wails when he gets the chance, and I've already told Jay, that I really dig his bass lines. All while Toad keeps the beat moving nicely, across the floating keys laid down by Tom. And the winds, POW! Being an ex trumpeter, my ears always perk up when I get an auditory glimpse of what they add to the music. I must say though, seeing them live is an amplification of what this album gives you just a taste of... their chemistry on stage really adds to the delight. Even got me up off my ass and dancing a bit (I'm commonly a wallflower). Thumbs up GL8TM!”

Terry Helman

Show Reviews!

Caught your performance at Celebration of Life 3 this weekend. You were by far my favorite act.”

— Melanie Wetzel

Loved loved loved LOVED hearing you this past weekend. Such wonderful soul filling music.! <3”

— Desirae Carey


— Chris H Abbot